RESA/ISD Data Reporting

Certain sections of Michigan law as well as the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) requires that public school districts and Regional Educational Service Areas/Intermediate School Districts (RESA/ISDs) throughout the state make certain that general and financial information is available to the public.  Some of the information is required to be posted on each district’s website under Public Act 413 (Enrolled House Bill 5475), which was passed in 2004, amended the Revised School Code by adding section 620, which requires each ISD to include certain information on its website by December 31st of each  year.  CCRESA will actively gather this information and post it in accordance with the law.

These reporting requirements give CCRESA a chance to tell our story of service to the community.  CCRESA saves taxpayer dollars by creating opportunities for schools and students on an economy of scale that could not be matched by and individual district.  Your RESA is a good steward of public funds.  It is our hope that anyone who reviews our data and has additional questions will give us the opportunity to explain our work in the community.  Each RESA/ISD is unique as they customize their services based on the needs of the communities they serve.  Students, their teachers and schools are the direct beneficiaries of the activities reported.  All of our efforts and expenditures are focused on better equipping educators to improve student achievement.

Some information is considered private and cannot be disseminated to the public to protect the rights of individuals.  The Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has over two dozen exemptions in regarding to releasing information, including that under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 (primarily student records) and certain occasions, things such as a student’s academic transcripts.

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