Why do we need RESA/ISDs?

RESAs are the best kept secrets in communities.  The work of RESAs is completed in a supportive, helpful, quiet fashion that results in:

  • Saving taxpayer dollars by creating an economy of scale for major education investment in career/technical programming, talent development, special education programming, curriculum development and professional development for all public and non-public school staff members.
  • Providing local districts valuable resources, enabling more dollars to flow into classrooms instead of other activities.
  • Competent monitoring and oversight of educational services as required by law, thus protecting children and families.
  • Helping individual school districts meet an ever-growing number of accountability requirements and governmental mandates such as No Child Left Behind and High School Redesign-AYP.
  • Providing a collaborative structure that affords a regional response to career training/workforce development and business office needs.
  • Providing a single point of entry for organizations and government agencies working with students and school districts.
  • Serving as a liaison among all schools in a region, making it possible to coordinate everything from Curriculum Councils to emergency response management coordination.
  • Providing structures for districts to share best practices for improving student achievement.