MI School Data

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MI School Data provides a wealth of data on Michigan's public school education system.  MI School Data provides views of Michigan education data to help users make informed educational decisions.



The Office of Education Improvement and Innovation (OEII) and the Office of Education Assessment and Accountability (OEAA) of the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), in collaboration with AdvancED, provide unified online resources designed to:

  • assist Michigan schools and districts with their school improvement and accreditation efforts
  • avoid duplication of effort for schools and districts to meet their school improvement and accreditation requirements

The Model of Process Cycle for School Improvement provides the foundation to address school improvement and promote student achievement through a comprehensive and systemic approach consisting of the following main tasks:

  1. gathering data
  2. analyzing/studying the data within the context of the School Improvement Framework
  3. developing a School Improvement Plan
  4. implementing, monitoring and evaluating this plan