How do RESA Salaries Compare with Others?

Regional Educational Service Agency/Intermediate School District (RESA/ISD) superintendents and top administrators have high levels of education and experience that match many other top professionals in any field.  The salaries are commensurate with similar positions in education and lower than those in many other professions.  RESA/ISD superintendents are many times the most experienced leaders among school administrators.  They work with and provide leadership for, local school district superintendents and other community members.  The educational background and experience required for the top administrative positions find RESA/ISDs recruiting experienced administrators at the peak of their careers; individuals who usually have larger salaries than those who are new to the field.  It is common to include a vehicle and expense account in RESA/ISD compensation as travel is such a necessary part of the superintendent’s role.  RESA/ISDs are many times one of the largest employers in the local area so the leadership must convey the experience necessary and required for top administrative roles.

Community norms play a large role in the salary structure for school leaders and those in local government.  In many areas, schools must compete financially with the private sector for talented leaders.  In some rural areas, school districts may need to offer a salary somewhat higher than the norm to recruit a talented educator to the region.  Our children deserve the best educational leaders we can afford to prepare them for the future.  Strong, experienced leaders at a RESA/ISD can help local district leaders understand the value of collaboration and sharing best practices to conserve resources and benefit students.

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