Early Childhood

The first five years of a child’s life are the most critical time for brain development.  It is during these early childhood years that skills for language, fine and gross motor, processing, and social/emotional develop.  Clinton County RESA’s Early Childhood System strives to provide the programs, information, and resources needed so that every child has a Great Start in life.  

Please see the Early Childhood Pages (below), for detailed information about Early Childhood programs and resources in Clinton County.


Early Childhood Contacts

Karen Black, Clinton County Great Start Director
Email: black_k@ccresa.org
Phone: (989) 224-6831 Ext. 2141

Maria Cook, Great Start Parent Liaison
Email: mcook@ccresa.org
Phone: (989) 224-6831 Ext. 2145

Dr. Robert A Fall, Special Education Director
Email: bfall@ccresa.org
Phone: (989) 224-6831 Ext. 2325

Ken Lounds, SE Supervisor for Early Childhood and Educational Center Programs
Email: lounds_k@ccresa.org
Phone: (989) 224-6831 Ext. 2132

Early Childhood Upcoming Events

Date Event Location More Information
May 04, 2018Education Center School Age Students & Parapros AM Only, Teachers Full Day (p.m. PD); ECSE Preschool: No School More Information
May 04, 2018ECSE Preschool, No School More Information
May 28, 2018 - June 08, 2018Education Center No School for Students and Staff - Memorial Day Recess More Information
June 11, 2018Education Center School Resumes for Staff and Students More Information
June 15, 2018Education Center School Age Students & Parapros AM Only, Teachers Full Day (p.m. Records); ECSE Preschool; No School More Information
June 15, 2018ECSE Preschool, No School More Information
June 29, 2018Education Center Last Day of School for Students & Staff More Information

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